U.S. Senator asks Google to add a terrorist flagging button to blogger

U.S. Senator Joe Liberman of the Democratic Party has written a letter to Google, requesting that its blogging platform be equipped with a flagging feature for terrorists...we're absolutely not joking about this.

Talking points memo acquired and published the letter earlier this week.  We understand that he hasn't been particularly liked amongs the tech community for some of his anti-internet policies in the past (that didn't turn out to be true; but the damage was already done).  But even this may be taking it a step to far.  This is in reply to Jose Pimental, suspected plans of terrorism through building a pipe bomb to attack the military, who hosted his blog on the Blogger service.  We know that bloggers are amongst the scum of the Earth (hello...us); but is this really logical at all?

"Pimentel’s Internet activity — both his spreading of bomb-making instructions links and his hate-filled writings — were hosted by Google" writes Lieberman, going on to add that, unlike YouTube, "Blogger’s Content Policy does not expressly ban terrorist content nor does it provide a ‘flag’ feature for such content."

We await Google's echoes of laughter response.

Source: Talking Points Memo