Best Buy UK Closing Down Sale starts tomorrow

Well we all know what's become of Best Buy's efforts in the UK (insert pun of it being an open-shut case here); but there's always one good thing to take away from the demise of reputable businesses.  That thing being closing down sales.

Starts tomorrow, available both online and off, you can get between 10-30% off everything they have in stock.  Not a dramatic reduction (not Woolworths territory yet), and products haven't been announced for the price chop (could be that hard-to-shift gear instead of stuff that people actually want).  But for all those tidbits you may need you might as well take advantage of whatever money off you can get.  Either that, or if your unfortunate/lucky (delete as appropriate) to live close to one of the stores, they've been closed all weekend in preparation for the sale.

Get to work on that clicking finger or those calves, it could get messy.

Source: Best Buy