The Round-up: Phishing for Xbox, Myspace Tom and The Minority Report

This week has been huge, so it's warranted the welcome return of the round-up: putting everything that happened last week on one page for you to digest.  We've had everything from The Sun, 7-inch tablets and Myspace Tom to HMV On Demand, William Shatner and a rocket launch.  Even a tricky question is answered: what happens online when you die?  So let's get started.


BBC leaks external prototype of responsive news page

GameMaker challenge at University of Lincoln (free games to download here, which are pretty awesome)

Modern Warfare 3 graphics comparison. Xbox 360 vs Wii

EA Face Law Suit for Battlefield 1943 omission. Should Warner Bros. face similar treatment?


Xbox Live Phishing Scam front page news

Rumour: iPad 3 is smaller, production to start in January

Anybeat launches today

Facebook shaves a couple off the six degrees of separation


WHSmith releases 7-inch Android colour tablet

There's no better way get over being unfriended on Facebook than with William Shatner

The Humble Introversion Bundle out today

Google denies reports that Google+ is dying

Bionic contact lenses to give us augmented reality eyeballs


Guy accuses Myspace Tom of being the Father to his Girlfriend's baby

The Sun now claims denied hacking is an "Xbox fraud cover-up" (in response to Tuesday's Phishing story)

HMV joins The Digital Age with On-Demand service. Are they too late?

The DisplAir: That awesome computer from Minority report, only real

What happens online when you die?


Two versions of the next generation Xbox planned

Modular USB flash drive concept. An ingenious way to sort out your data

Tesco comes up Trumps with Modern Warfare 3's best ad yet

U.S. Senator asks Google to add a terrorist flagging button to blogger


Google+ reunites DSLR with owner after a year at the bottom of the ocean

The DIY 'Privacy Monitor:' hide porn in plain sight

Government releases 'The UK Cyber Security Strategy'

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity successfully launches


Siri protocol hacks: start your car and control your house

Martin says its jetpack is practical. Proven with poorly rendered animation

Best Buy UK Closing Down Sale starts tomorrow