Facedrink gives you 'social energy'

Are those so-called 'social skills' starting to wear thin?  Losing your friend-making energy in life?  Well maybe you should try Facedrink: the energy drink with social strat...and a pretty big lawsuit on it's tail if the clearly aped social network has anything to do with it.

For the 75ml of tropical-flavoured energy beverage drank, you're guaranteed a shot of "social energy," giving you the true "taste of friendship."  Simply put, it's probably packed to the ever constrained gills with taurine.  Going for $18 (about £11.50) for a six-pack on Amazon, we recommend you get in there fast as people will be looking for new friends via a magical drink.

But, lets be honest, want friends?  Facebook and the social graph are probably the wrong place to look.

Source: Facedrink