Introducing The World's First Networked Urinal Gaming System

We’ve all heard of toilet games. These are the games that prove indispensable when ‘in the can’, satiating our gaming appetite amidst the tedium of going to the loo - short and sweet, instantly playable interactive experiences that use the most basic control methods (preferably one-handed) but have an addictive/rewarding presence about them. 

What we’re less familiar with is the concept of ‘hands-free’ urinal gaming. Developed by British company Captive-Media as a solution to a modern-day problem (finding a way to make product advertisement engaging in a world of skippable TV ads), the Captive Media system is the “the world's first interactive, networked washroom gaming system” that allows users to play an interactive game with nothing but their own urine as a control method. So far only installed in Balham, South London's 'The Exhibit' bar, the system consists of high-definition screens located at eye-level above the urinals, using infra-red technology and “sophisticated algorithms” to detect when the player is ready to 'play' and, more importantly, where the urine stream is hitting the bowl for a rudimentary 'Start', 'Left' and 'Right' input method. When not in use, the screens display a mixture of advertisements.

High scores are consequentially earned, posted to the bathroom's networked high-score leaderboard and the banter about who is the 'Best Pee'er' begins. It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, “I just pissed all over your high score!”

Source: Captive Media