Korg lifts the veil on new Monotron Duo and Delay

Korg have just announced a two new additions to its Monotron line of pocked-sized analog synthesizers.

Expanded from the original Monotron, which was announced way back last year, containing a simple synthesizer, oscillator, ribbon-controlled keyboard, filters and a line-in.  Unlike many other keys of this class, the touch sensitivity allowed for expression that other simplistic plastic keys can't begin to offer.  The Duo and Delay are rather iterative products, merely adding a couple cool new features.

The Duo adds a second oscillator and modulator for convoluted harmonies, whereas the Delay includes a digital Space Delay for that "dub synth" sound, and a case design straight out of that would look comfortable on the Death Star radar from A New Hope. Both maintain their line-in functionality, meaning that adding them to your current set-up is a piece of piss.  They're going for around $59.99 (round about £40), so don't miss your chance to look like a cooler Rolf Harris.  See some videos of them in action below.