Little printer makes print media awesome

Presenting the Berg Little Printer, a novel little idea that prints out your daily updates from various online occasions onto receipt-style ticker tapes, sealed with a's just adorable, there's no other immasculating word for it!

I mean just look!  It's a tiny, inkless, thermal printer with a smiley face that's printed at the bottom of every update you receive; but credit needs to go to what it outputs.  Connect it via wi-fi, arrange what subscriptions (they call them 'publications') you want via your smartphone, push a button and receive print-outs that are easily likened to shopping receipts: RSS subscriptions, social updates, daily puzzles, with more ideas looking to be added regularly.  The Little Printer connects wirelessly to a small box connected to your router, which interfaces with their cloud service names Berg Cloud, pushing any content you've subscribed to down to the printer.  Before long, after a couple try-outs with standard settings, you could have Foursquare check-ins, Guartian headlines, your latest run registered to Nike+, Google updates, daily puzzles, a random photo selected from your library, and many many more things print out for you daily to get lost amongst whatever other paperwork you have.

It's up for pre-order, released sometime in 2012.  All we can see is a rather pointless device; but we can't help but want one it's that charming!  See a demo video below.

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

Source: BERG Cloud