Bring 2.8 Hours Later to Nottingham and Lincoln

We hear a multitude of plans for urban regeneration: the cultural upgrades of whatever potential creative hubs we have within the two cities in which we writers reisde.  But there is another simple option.  Zombies.

Taking a strong influence from the "28 *insert parameter of time* later" films, and pretty much any zombie film within the 20th/21st century divide, the real-life game is set out around the city and you must navigate to a series of locations around the city without being caught by the undead.  Each location has a survivor with a story, who then proclaims the next locale to you, and so on and so forth.  Make it to the Resistance HQ for scanning of Zombie infection (just in case you lied).  The game lasts (yes you guessed it) 2.8 hours, and is based around the particular city of hosting.  

Ever thought of running from the horde through Victoria Centre?  Maybe doding an oncoming zombie on Steep Hill?  All this (in whatever state of life you find yourself in) is capped off with a 'Zombie Disco' after-party.

Slingshot are now taking nominations for where to hold their next 2.8 Hours Later, so head on over to the site and vote Nottingham or Lincoln.  As personal fans of zombie-films, we'd feel this to be awesome.  Watch the trailer below:

2.8 Hours Later from SlingShot on Vimeo.