More Google Easter eggs beyond the barrel roll

So we showed you what happens when you search for 'do a barrel roll' on Google.  It's a good start; but what else is there in the field of search engine-related procrastination.

What some may know but most do not is the fact that this is one in a very long stream of quirky features that the absolute nerds up at Mountain view have incorporated.  So, to lift the veil, here's a list of the best:


Let's get started with the general destruction of the Google homepage.  Simply type "Google Gravity" into your search box and press "I'm Feeling Lucky," and watch it all fall apart.  For the search-engine anarchist within you.






Or you could search for "askew."  We dare you to not tilt your head, or not feel slightly distressed at the slightly off-kilter nature.








Type in "Chuck Norris" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" for a warning+refusal to search based upon Norrisology.  You got schooled.





One for the philosophical types out there.  Search "recursion" and Google asks if you meant "recursion."  If you didn't get it, maybe you meant "recursion."






Not quite the easter egg; but an awesome Google Doodle that's stood the test of time.  Visit and play.






So you download Google Earth, turns out it's really boring beyond visiting the Empire State building and Tokyo.  But what if we were to sweeten the deal with a flight simulator?  Click on tools > enter flight simulator, and take off into the skies.






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