Peter Jackson reveals filming rigs behind The Hobbit

The filmmaking legend and dieting debonair, Peter Jackson has been actively blogging on Facebook throughout the creation of his latest movie The Hobbit.  His most recent video post takes a look into the technology used in capturing the film, and we've got it here.

Enough to make any camera connoiseur writhe with envy, his impressive collection of 48 Red Epic cameras (each one has a name), capture at a full 2x the movie standard (48fps) in full 5k resolution.  However, this has brough up all sorts of 3D operating difficulties.  The size of the device and its lense means that it's simply impossible for two cameras to be mounted on the same "interlocular" (the inch-or-so distance between your eyes).  
This is where the team hired specialist firm 3ality to build a rig to remedy this issue, consisting of one camera shooting directly, and a second up top pointed vertically at a mirror.  It's a work of absolute ingenuity to coinsist both images to interject the elusively hard-to-achieve-without-eye-strain 3D effect.  But be warned about these $43,000 cameras: they naturally desaturate the image, so at every stage from makeup to costume to set design, everyhting was over-coloured to look natural in post production.  It's a really interesting tech blog video, that you can see just below this line, now let's hope they don't break one of those mirrors during an important scene!