Anonymous conquest against Zetas called off as member is freed

After a tense week for the Mexican Zeta drug cartel (and their of 'associates' ranging from policemen to politicians), the fellow member of Hacktivist group, Anonymous has been released, and the threats to expose the cartel have been called to an end.

The statement was made via the Anonymous Iberoamerica official blog, and follows a week after a resounding threat from the group.  The retreat from Zetas was accompanied by a threat: for every one cartel member exposed, the Mexican drug runners would kill 10 people.  Of course, with details remaining anonymously sparse on the ground, there's no definite confirmation of whether or not the Anonymous member was actually freed.  

But this looks to be the conclusion of the rather dramatic chapter of Operation Cartel, for now anyway.  Without any real plan or foundation of leaders, let's see how this continues.

Another sprout of news is the threat that Anonymous then issued to Israel, followed by Israeli government sites going down.  The question is are the two connected?  See the video threat below.

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