Modern Warfare 3 mayhem. Copies stolen and shops start selling early

French Police have confirmed that a truck containing 6,000 copies of the shooter have been hijacked, and shops in Britain have confirmed to CVG that they have been selling the game early.

French site TFI News reported that the truck with full cargo suffered a huge collision on Saturday morning in Paris, which is when two masked individuals emerged and stole the truck, using tear gas to neutralise the truck driver and passenger.  Truck value is estimated at about 400,000 euros.

And the second peice of dilligence to get to relates to broken embargos.  Shops in the London area have confirmed to CVG that they've broken the seals on their boxes of copies of MW3 early and sold them to endearing customers (some even went out last Friday).  Fears went out at first about the possibility of the banhammer being laid down upon these early adopters; but Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, dispelled the fears: "No plans to ban legit fans, but try to wait til midnight launch on Tuesday to play #MW3." "Can't wait to jump online with everyone then!"

In the meantime, check out the live-action trailer that went out not too long ago.

Source: CVG, TFI news