This week at the Broadway...

Showing you some of the best films this week that you probably have never heard of.  Weekend love and an off exploration into fear.  Let's get started.

Weekend: Telling the story of a gay man named Russell, who after a Friday night of hanging out with straight mates decides to head out to a nightclub, alone on the pull.  Just before the club closes he picks up Glen, and the weekend begins: taking to drugs, alcohol, different bars and bedrooms, telling stories and having sex - forming an experience they'll never forget.  It's a smart and engagingly authentic experience thats sometimes too authentic past the point of feeling intrusive, which is something of a unique experience in cinema.


The Future:  Set in Los Angeles, The Future tells the story of couple Sophie and Jason.  They elect to live life to the fullest for the 30 days before the arrival of their new cat Paw Paw, which turns out to be the film's nattator...An odd one indeed, that brings forward a somewhat uncomfortable film of satire, romance and horror.  An interesting exploration into how fear subdues her aspiration, while maintaing the playful persona simultaneously.