These ARE the droids you're looking for. R2-D2 mp4 player

So I don't need to go into the specifics of how R2 heroically quested across the sands of Tatooine to deliver Princess Leia's message to Uncle Ben.  We had no idea what the message was encoded in; but MP4 never crossed our mind.

That's where Toys 'R' Us came into the mix, forming the epic in Droid collectives: an R2-D2 music player with C-3PO earbuds.  While admiring the possibility of owning such a galactic music player, you'll notice it's 2GB storage, more than enough for up to 500 songs or your average transmission requesting help.  There are also promises of video playback, photo storage, a recording feature and plenty other extras...that is if we can believe the really sketchy Photoshop job done on the picture.  It's cool though, we'll just send some Ewoks to distract while Bothan spies sneak in to take a look.  Available for $44.99 (about £30).