Cheater banned from Modern Warfare 3 for 5000 days

So when Infinity Ward talked about the new banning system taking a firmer grasp on the likes of cheating and boosting, we never expected it to be this severe.

By this, we mean what is essentially made clear in the title, one player has been banned for 5000 days (what Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling calls a 'permaban') for the aforementioned cheating and boosting.  To put this in a different context, this is 13.68 years.  The photo, courtesy of MP1st shows the anonymous gamer's splash screen forbidding him from playing the game, plus at this point he had served a mere two days of his sentence.

Glad something like this is finally happening.  Now I'll have a much better k/d ratio...nothing about me sucking at COD or anything...

Source: MP1st