Badoo, like Facebook but for sex, has 130 million users


Sign up for an account and make sure you get tested regularly, as Badoo crosses 130 million worldwide users (1 million in the UK) to become the fourth largest social network on the planet.

This isn't a network of rekindling friendships with people from your past and interacting with those who share similar interests.  Instead, we have a network based entirely on generating all new friendships with people.  As the enticing line of promotional copy says: "Boost your social life.  Chat, flirt, meet up and have fun!"

That's all fair and good; but where does the 'for sex' bit come into it?  Simple: 30% of 30,000 British users have "met someone for sex" after initial interaction on Badoo, according to a poll done recently.  That's quite a significant amount 'taking the online risk' for the sake of coitus.  Plus with more than 125,000 new users signing up everyday, and 51 million uniques signing in every month that number is just going to get higher.  In fact, it is one of the top 65 most visited websites in the world.

Interested?  I know some of you are, sign up on the site and bring plenty of protection; this could get messy.  Or, if you're on the other side of the tracks and want to laugh at whoever is desperate enough to register to such a sex-network, they have Facebook plugins set up so you can call your friends out about being so alone to the point of joining Badoo import your contacts to your new account.  Visit that page here.