London Police transmitting alcohol safety messages over Wi-Fi

London's Metropolitan Police have started requesting people turn on their smartphone's Wi-Fi in the city centre on nights out, as they will begin to broadcast 'rape prevention and personal safety messages' around the danger of alcohol-related crimes.

A pretty interesting technological implementation into the increasing night-time economy around Christmas time, aimed to highlight both the "risks" to your safety that come from alcohol and a warning message to potential criminals who take advantage of the drunks.  The Sapphire Command unit within the Met are sending these messages to anybody within the vicinity of a set amount of key nightclub hotspots in London, such as the Proud Galleries, Ministry of Sound and Infernos.

"This concerted prevention drive is about sending a message to perpetrators of rape that sex with someone who is unable to consent is rape. If a person is unconscious or their judgement is impaired by alcohol they are legally unable to consent." Detective Superintendent Jason Ashwood of Sapphire commented in the release sent out by the Met.

Posters will be dotted throughout the areas, encouraging users to turn on their mobile Wi-Fi, ready for the messages....going along the wild assumption that the people in question haven't already lost their phones in their drunken stupor from bar-to-bar.

Source: Met Police