Square Enix confirms personal details of 1.8m compromised in recent hack


Japanese game publisher Square Enix has admitted the personal details of over 1.8m North American and Japanese user accounts have been compromised in a recent security breach, the extent of which was first detailed on Wednesday.

Square temporarily suspended the operation of the Square Enix Members service immediately after an unspecified amount of servers containing details of 1m Japanese members and 800,000 North American members were breached. A separate server containing the user account information of around 300,000 European customers was not compromised in the attack.

If this had threatened we readers of Europe, you could guarantee that the EU would already be taking a hefty 5% of their income as a penalty, under the new legislation.

The company remains confident that no credit card information has been leaked, insisting “there is no possibility”. It is thought information relating to members stretches only to customer names, phone numbers and email addresses. The attack has since been reported to the Japanese government for a full investigation to take place. 

Source: Develop