Will Facebook sue Mark Zuckerberg?


After legally changing his name on December 7, Mark Zuckerberg a.k.a Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez has received threats of legal action from Facebook, successfully trolling on possibly the grandest scale.

This Zuckerception came into public attention as Zuckerberg the second launched his website MarkZuckerbergOfficial.com, which starts to tell the story into just how they got to this stage.  The Israeli entrepreneur co-founded a social marketing company called Like Store, which focuses on selling page 'likes' to their business customers.  Put their site through Google Translate...

Are you sad no one’s visiting your Facebook Page? We have a solution! Need 1,000 Likes? We’ll get them for you. Need 5,000 Likes? We’ll get them for you. Need 10,000 Likes? We’ll get them for you.

In September the social network threatened him with legal action over the Like Store, claiming it violated terms of service by selling fans to brands.  After this, the name got changed, and the story just got expanded to a much grander scale.

Ahead of the Zuckerberg version of Face-off (Zuck-off?), a Facebook and Twitter account have already been set up, all accessible from the website.