This Week In New Releases


We all need a gentle reminder from time to time. This Week In New Releases from New Rising Media aims to do just that – remind you of the biggest, best and hottest new media releases to look out for this week. From the latest big screen blockbusters, to this week's most anticipated Blu-Ray discs, via details of the next big triple-A videogame to reach consoles. This isn't a total run-down of everything new this week, though, these are carefully hand-picked for your viewing/playing pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you This Week In New Releases...

 Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows (In Cinemas Now)

Fast-tracked by Warner Bros. following its predecessor's terrific box-office run, Guy Ritchie returns to directorial duties for the sequel to his revamped, action-orientated take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's super sleuth in 2009's Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows sees Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law reprise their roles as the bumbling Sherlock and smart-witted sidekick Dr. Watson respectively, while the girl with the dragon tattoo, Noomi Rapace, rounds out the gang.

Judging from the adorning trailer, this sequel looks as cinematically slick and stylish as ever, with Ritchie's ever-present slo-mo action sequences proving added bang for your buck. Game Of Shadows finds Holmes and Watson investigate the dodgy dealings of, and take down their fiercest adversary yet; a certain Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris).


Dream Of A Life (In Cinemas Now)

Proving one of the most fascinating cinematic releases of the year, Dream of a Life is a documentary from film-maker Carol Morley who looks at the truly shocking real-life story of a woman, Joyce Vincent, who died in a London bedsit in 2003 and lie undiscovered for a whole three years before being found by bailiffs.

Severely decomposed, her flat was still showing signs of being lived in - the TV was on, the washing-up basin still full of dishes, and the central heating still working. Taking the form of a drama-documentary, the film uses interviews and scene recreations to portray Vincent's life, revealing how such a seemingly normal woman went unnoticed for so long.



Gears Of War 3: General Raam's Shadow (Xbox 360, Out Now)

It's difficult not to feel slightly short-changed when Epic Games and Microsoft has released a number of DLC packs for Gears of War 3 already just months after the main game's release, but such is the state of DLC and superfluous add-ons. For fans, RAAM's Shadow will be a pleasing addition, and at 1,200 Microsoft Points adds more than three hours of campaign gameplay to the trilogy-concluding Gears Of War 3 story. As a prequel to the first Gears Of War, Shadow sees you play as Zeta squad, charged with evacuating COG city Ilima due to a threat raised by General RAAM and his Locust army. The fact that we know the fortune of the city – a trait shared by Halo: Reach – ought only lend the action added poignancy.