Diablo III could be with us by January, Retailer reveals.


Though we're still waiting on confirmation from Blizzard, Diablo III – the dark-fantasy dungeon-crawler RPG first announced over three years ago and the follow-up to the multiple award-winning Diablo II – might well be on store shelves as early as late January, if a Play.com listing is to be believed.

Listed at £34.99 and detailed as being “due for release on 24 January 2012”, Play.com's date could be entirely legitimate - it not only resides within Blizzard's estimate of “an expected launch window” of early 2012, but it's also been over three months in invite-only beta, a lengthy testing period by anyone's standards.  What's more, publicity for the game has been growing in recent weeks, with Spike TV's VGA Awards 2011 playing host to Diablo III's entire opening cinematic, suggesting we're not far away from the finished product.

A hasty guess by Play.com based off of rumours and speculation, or a date based on truth and confirmation from Blizzard? Either way, we'll know soon enough.