Virgin media programme guide hits an 'unnecessary censorship' glitch


Virgin Media's electronic programme guide's profanity checker hit a glitch recently, overzealously censoring different words within the titles of TV and radio programmes.

Taking a little too much inspiration from the Unnecessary censorship videos on Youtube, subscribers experienced the glitch over the past 3-4 days, as tipped off by some of our readers, watching such fantastic programming as "Jarvis C**ker's Sunday Service" and The Bleak of the Old Shop Of Stuff, a spoof of the writing of "Charles D**kens."  Fans of football probably also saw the "Manchester City v A***nal" game as well.

"The altered titles have been swiftly analysed and we're fixing any remaining glitches."  A Virgin spokeswoman commented in a release.

We'll be seeing a solution soon then; but we had a fair chuckle in the meantime.