The Facebook for your cyborg companion


So you've got your Facebook and Twitter; but as we step closer to Skynet intelligent robot beings, what about their outcries to be part of the social graph?  Well, dear reader, your prayers have been answered with

With this amazing tool of social prowess in hand, your collection of beloved cyborgs can maintain their own complete social hub to work alongside yours.  Starts off from the simple, posting "I need to be charged" updates, going all the way up to creating an entire profile complete with name and photo.  The company are even planning to make a cloud based app store to expand the experience.  All-in-all, this is looking to improve the user-experience, increase the robot's capabilities and solidify the greatest of collaborations between man and machine.  Nothing's been said about getting them to make sandwiches yet; but we can only dream...

Tempted?  Thought you would be.  It's limited to Nao and Arduino-based robots as of currently; but the currently available API could change that as manufacturers start to implement them.