Have Facebook tell you where you want to go with Suggested Events


Feeling entrapped by the grasp of social media?  Facebook keeping you in the house for too long?  Why not use the power of networked communities, your check-ins, friends and stated interests to suggest events for you to attend with the newly implemented Suggested Events.

The new feature replaces the 'Friends Events' down to where you'd find it on the menu, so it's relatively easy to find; but we've seen it available on some and not others (maybe a slow roll-out).  Open it up and you'll a see a list of scheduled public events that may be of interest to you based off locations where you've checked in, the friends you've attended events with, and your interest surrounding previous iterations of the event.

Some call this slightly off-kilter, another attempt of a social network acting beyond it's aim of being a network for socialising by predicting your social life and not letting you dictate to it.  On the other hand, however, we do see the benefits around a calendar full of things you may want to do.  We may see social serendipity as non-existent; but this chance opportunity of suggesting events you might actually have some sort of interest in, or finding out about places you've never been before but are matched up perfectly with what interests you have is the closest we've seen.

Either way round, people are going to hate it temporarily, then move on anyway.

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