Save yourself from Facebook 'Frape' with this contractual agreement


Simple criminality encourages one to tamper with a friend's Facebook profile when left open.  This recent phenomenon can be counteracted, as Martyn Kelly has drawn up a contract forbidding such acts against each other.

The semi-legal contractual agreement extends to all of the following:

Monkeyshines, gambols, rollicks, gags, deceptions, actions known in the vernacular or plebian languageas 'frape,' 'fraping' or 'frapeage', and thus extended to all devices, physical, digital & supernatural, networks platforms.

...So that's pretty much everything covered to maintain a perpetual synchronicity between your friends and their profiles remaing sacred and 'unfrapeable.'

"We the undersigned who constitute the body hereby referred to as The Inner Circle agree to refrain from … digital, physical … tricks, gags, or deceptions known in the vernacular or plebian language as ‘frape,’ ‘fraping’ or ‘frapeage.’"

Grab the PDF here and secure you and your digital self's future.