Guns to be removed from Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace

Got your eye on a Lancer or Hammerburst for your Avatar, to give your persona that extra grunt?  Well, according to community manager Raczilla on the Epic Games forums, you've got a week to go grab it, as Microsoft are removing and banning the sale of all gun-like items in the Avatar marketplace.

Any previous purchases that fall into these categories will still be accessible to users; but as of the beginning of 2012, Microsoft will be implenting marketplace restrictions on various areas such as the aforementioned gun-like objects, smoking, expletives and violence.  No official word has come of these guidelines yet, and weapon props that fit the description given by Raczilla seem to be few and far inbetween.

Such is the violation of your Avatar's second amendment: something that you probably didn't care about, as you didn't purchase said props in the first place.

Plus we can't speak about Microsoft's family-friendly weapon emulation restrictions without thinking about the 'finger gun' jewel from the past.