MotoACTV wristwatch rooted, made into a tablet for The Borrowers

The sport of routing closed Android devices has been somewhat routine and uninteresting to behold.  But when you see Honeycomb on the 1.6" display of a wristwatch, you can't help but reclaim the curiosity that fuelled this obsession in the first place.

Motorola's MotoACTV sports watch normally operates on a highly customised version of Android 2.3, with an iPod Nano-esque user interface; but it's gone under the knife and been opened up via Revolutionary's zergRush exploit.

So what does this new root mean to the device?  You've can now grab the standard bunch of Google apps (Mail, Maps, etc), which the developer recommends installing from CyanogenMod.  And there's also the opportunity to load any launcher of your choosing, as shown here via running Honeycomb 1.8 launcher, giving you the truest-to-form experience of the tablet OS...but on a wristwatch.

We don't think Google had this particular device in mind for Honeycomb; but it shows just how remarkably robust and scalable to any size Android is.  Take a look below.