Most 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' users choose to be a Sith over Jedi


The recently released 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' has become "fastest-growing subscription MMO in history," gathering over one million users to date, including those who were granted early access a week ahead of time.

EA and Bioware released a press release detailing particular in-game statistics.  Players have spent a total of 60 million hours on the game, more than twice what it was just four days ago.  Three billion NPCs have been killed (you evil individuals).  And most interestingly, the million subscribers have created more Sith than Jedi (850,000 vs 810,000).  Lured by the power of the dark side, it seems to be that SW:TOR is off to a great initial start; but as is abundantly clear with the likes of WoW, it's more about the long-term user investment.  Only time will tell whether this receives the huge audience we'd love for it to gain, or whether it will slowly fall out of existence in a see of melancholy and lukewarm farewells.

Press Release: EA