Samsung brings back the Android flip phone with dual core and dual SIM

Samsung has released their second generation dual-screen Android clamshell phone, the SCH-W999, in partnership with China Telecom at an event this week.

The general running theme around key features would have to be the duality of the hardware itself and the specs within it, starting with the two 3.5 inch displays: 480x800 resolution with Super AMOLED technology.  A 1.2GHz dual core Qualcomm processor keeps the phone humming to the sound of Android 2.3 with TouchWiz, five megapixel camera, BlueTooth 3.0 and WiFi.  Alongside this, the W999 is armed with dual SIM card slots for dual-bandwaves, making for a prime choice for those of us who travel the world.

Can't say it looks nice, or that the idea of a flip phone is ideal after it's time passed in 2003; but it's the combination of some pretty sweet specs for an android phone with a pretty simple form, and a return of the dialler keyboard!  Interested in stepping back in time to the old Samsung?  Pricing hasn't been announced yet; but based on the price of the old model starting from 8990元 (the beautiful price of £906), then there's no telling just how reasonably priced the new generation will be!