The Supaboy. Handheld Super NES goes on sale

Blow the dust out of the carts you stashed in the loft, as accessories manufacturer Hyperkin has released and commenced shipping the Supaboy: a handheld SNES, making for possibly the best portable console money could buy.

As originally announced at the previous E3 expo, the concept is simply a portable console that runs all your old SNES games, providing the remeniscently similar control layout and a 3.5" screen.  The battery is rather poor, timed in at 2.5 hours the Supaboy won't get you far in that respect.  But when it is on charge for the inevitably many times, you can use the TV output (along with two seven-pin ports on the front to plug an extra couple wired controllers in) to get the full 16-bit home console experience that prided many of us in the early 90s.

Available for $79.99 at Amazon (about £51; but add a little extra for international shipping on top of that), and you can get set to relive the memories via the source link below.

Check out the video tour by Eternal Shadow gamer.

Source: Hyperkin, Amazon