Senseye: smartphone control with your eyes. Launches next year

We saw eye-controlled interface on the odd episode of Tomorrow's World in the 90s, and a couple times on The Gadget Show nowdays; but this is the first time that an this technology could become a mass produced and mass sold product.  Presenting the Senseye.

The technology utilises a front-facing camera and infrared LED to track your eye motion with such accuracy for some fascinating functionality.  The screen will automatically dim when nobody is looking at it, you can enter a passcode, play a shooting game by looking at the enemies, and even auto-scroll text on a page by reading naturally.  The concept may be a rather bulky instrument; but Senseye are saying that the technology is planned as either a small dongle or an integral part built into the phone during production.

Above all of this, the fantastic implementation is price.  The cost of the camera and the LED equals to roughly $5 (about £3), making this the most realistic opportunity for such a technology to make the accessibility available at an accessible amount (or laziness, if you procrastinate like we do).  In fact, they're looking to release an 'early adopter' attachable unit for developers at $99 (£63).  Besides the obvious use of this as a whole new innovation in accessibility, Senseye can allow advertisers to track how long people look at different on-screen elements.  

Take a look at a demo video of the prototype unit below, and a talk about Senseye: how it could be used in the future.

Source: Senseye