The Round-up: Half-life 3, exploding iPhone 4 and condoms

So this week's been pretty mighty in terms of the sheer amount of news we've had to write about, so allow us to condense it all into a handy set of links which will help navigate around the week's digest.  There was McGruff the Crime Dog, Carrier IQ (mobile phone tracking), a little printer, an iPhone 4 mysteriously blowing up, Facebook receiving all kinds of privacy-related hell, and a urinal gaming system...honestly.  Let's begin.


Facedrink gives you 'social energy'

The Computer System that recognises human emotion via your voice

Rumour: Apple TV Re-emergence

Facebook likely to receive privacy sanctions from EU over targeted advertising


Rumour: Kinect 2 can lip-read and interpret facial emotions

Facebook privacy concerns voiced by FTC. Mark Zuckerberg responds

HP LaserJet Printers suffer from huge security flaw

Introducing: The world's first networked urinal gaming system

iPhone 4 spontaneously combusts


So why did that iPhone 4 combust? Can it happen to you? (carrying on from the story the day before)

Resident Evil 6 crops up on actor's CV

Little Printer makes print media awesome

Editorial: Spotify, not everything needs an app platform (our thoughts on Spotify's announcement from New York)


Google shows us the evolution of search

Intel Agency GCHQ says crack the code, become a spy

UK mobile networks insist they don't use Carrier IQ

Move over Onlive & Gaikai. A new cloud-based gaming provider emerges.

IP Crimes = Child Labour and murder. McGruff the Crime Dog said so


Playstation movie store viral ads take us into virtual reality

Facebook status character limit increases to over 60,000

Facebook introduces sentiment analysis for testing

A Valve employee wearing a Half-Life 3 T-shirt?

Condom ad disguised as Facebook friend request from your future child


This week in new releases

The Supaboy. Handheld Super NES goes on sale

Samsung brings back the Android flip phone with dual core and dual SIM


Tower built by Quadcopters

Samsung releases concept video for flexible AMOLED 'mobile display'

Senseye: smartphone control with your eyes. Launches next year