Treyarch busy recruiting for next Call Of Duty. To be set in Space?

Just weeks since Modern Warfare 3 became the biggest-selling game of 2011, talk about the next in the Call Of Duty series is already heating up.  Call of Duty: World At War and Black Ops developer Treyarch is stepping up development for what will be the ninth title in the franchise. Various job listings have been spotted on the studio's official website, citing applicants should be, amongst other things, “an expert on recent first-person shooters”. 

Another job advertisement for the role of Gameplay Combat Designer states that the successful applicant “reports to the Design Director for the Call of Duty multiplayer team”, while another position requires a candidate to work on “combat systems (such as weapons and attachments) and gameplay mechanics (such as Perks and spawning)”. 

What to expect from the next Call of Duty is anyone's guess. It's previously been rumoured that the franchise will deviate from the hard-edged, militaristic style it's become attuned to and head for futuristic warfare, or even to the far reaches of outer-space. Activision previously registered domains for Call of Duty: Future Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Secret Warfare and Space Warfare. A possible red-herring or could we be seeing the ultimate shooter brought to the fore in a Call of Duty/Halo mash-up? 

Source: Treyarch Jobs