Official Xbox Live app available on iOS

Microsoft has released an official Xbox Live app, titled My Xbox Live, for Apple's iPhone and iPad.  That felt rather strange to put in a headline.

As Major Nelson announced in his blog, the app pretty closely resembles what features you see on the Windows Phone 7 variant, just without the deep integration with mobile games that WP7 possesses.  View achievements, send messages, alter your Avatar's outfit (if you really use them), and sort out your friends all from your iOS device.

Far from fully fleshed in terms of functionality (granted because it is Microsoft afterall (not going to give it all to Apple)), there are some massive benefits to this.  If you didn't invest on an attachable qwerty keyboard for your controller, what do you feel would be better: typing a message on your iphone screen or via the D-pad?  We rest our case.

It's out, and it's free from the app store, so go grab it.

Source: Major Nelson