7 billion gifts from MANta Claus a.k.a The Old Spice Guy

Actor Isaiah Mustafa gained insurmountable fame for his series of Old Spice viral commercials as of previous.  Now, the respectable male grooming company's social media geniuses are back with the MANta Claus campaign: "1 man, 7 billion gifts."

So far highlights have been giving Twitter user @beautyjunkies a shoe made out of necklaces, giving Australia independence to be it's own continent, and giving the residents of Baltimore a letter printed in their local paper 'Baltimore Sun' asking their boss at work to give them a promotion.

A very wise man once told me that giving is the best way to receive something back. I have no idea what he was talking about, he was extremely old. But I did learn this. Everyone likes getting presents. And I like everyone.

It's downright fantastic, and as numbers of views rise into the hundreds of thousands, the public agree too.  Social media campaigns are definitely the forte of a company who was previously renowned for making aftershave that smelt remeniscently of old people.  Take a look at a couple below.

Source: Old Spice (Youtube)