Fly like Iron Man with the Water-powered Flyboard

Since Bond rose into the air in Thunderball, all the way up to Robert Downey Jr's CGI exploits with personal flight technology, we've always been fascinated with jetpacks and various other forms of solo propulsion.  With this in mind, we'd like to introduce you to Zapata Racing's concept, the Flyboard: the water propelled waterboots that look more familiar to the exploits of Iron Man. 

Remember those water-powered jetpacks?  This works in very much the same fashion: via connecting the hose to a watercraft, which will then pump the water out the bottom of the Flyboard at such a pressure you'll be lifted into the air.  Direction control is handled by a pair of handheld nozzles, granting the user either flight movement with grace, or (depending on skill) some rather epic fails.

So how much is it?  Configurations start from a watercraft running at 100 horsepower or more, and the base model costs €4,900 (round about £4,173) for the Flyboard.  However, for full Iron-Man style manual controlls, you'll be looking to pay an extra €900 (£766) for the pleasure.  Of course, there may be the slight concern that this doesn't fit into your price bracket; but a couple maxed overdrafts to look awesome?  We feel it'd be worth it.

Source: Zapata Racing