OnLive comes to Tablets and Smartphones

Brazenly fending off the competition (Gaikai & the recently-unveiled Approxy), OnLive has today made its cloud gaming service available on a range of smartphones and tablets – making triple-A gaming on the go a truer possibility.

Currently available on Android devices – the service’s iDevice App is still awaiting certification by Apple – OnLive has been working closely with developers to ensure games are suited to touch controls. A total of 25 titles from its catalogue are already specially adapted to play intuitively on touch-screen platforms and help bolster the launch, including L.A. Noire, Defense Grid Gold and Lego Batman. Continuing the company’s recent streak of competitive offers, mouth-watering deals and generous freebies, Lego Batman is to be given away free-of-charge as part of the launch.

If touch controls aren’t your thing, the cloud gaming provider has today also unveiled its Universal OnLive Wireless Controller which is compatible with PC, Mac, “many” tablets and smartphones via wireless syncing or USB. It’s quite the looker, too.

The OnLive Wireless Controller is set to retail at £39.99 and will be available from tomorrow (December 9th).

Source: OnLive