Play Xbox 360 and PS3 games on Google Chrome

Google has successfully realised its ambitions to develop a complex browser technology that allows 'heavy duty' apps – such as Xbox 360 and PS3 games – to be run in-browser on Google Chrome.

All possible through Google's Native Client, which Google professes makes porting to Chrome relatively simple, Supergiant Games earlier today released its charming indie hit, Bastion, onto the Chrome Web Store. If you're lucky enough to be reading New Rising Media on Chrome, then try it out for yourself.  In-app purchases are integrated neatly into the system, with Bastion costing $14.99 to unlock the full game. With just a 40Mb download between you and its delights, Google's efforts certainly look well suited to our increasingly impatient desire for game downloads to finish.  

“Online games are a great showcase for the power of the open-source Native Client technology as it enables demanding applications such as console-quality games to run seamlessly and securely inside the browser.”D irector of Web Platform at Google, Ian Ellison-Taylor commented.

Bastion is joined on the store with the likes of the immoveable Angry Birds (yet another platform to penetrate and, ultimately, conquer), Popcap's deceptively deep Plants vs. Zombies, the colourful zaniness of Nyan Cat, to the much more basic, Bubble Shooter. Square Enix is one publisher that has immediately jumped on-board – IO Interactive's Mini Ninjas has been confirmed to be coming to Google Chrome by chief executive Yoichi Wada.