Absolutely Filthy: The annoyance of Dubstep

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Crystal Castles concert. Normally I would have had a fantastic time, I get to see one of my favourite bands, what could go wrong? Unfortunately for me one of the acts were a “Dubstep” band.  A genre of music which has recently had a massive spike in popularity among pop culture sheep. It basically consists of various wibbles and wobbles, and I for one cannot discern between songs it all sounds so similar.  The dubstep band seemed to attract a certain type of person, aggressive 20-somethings who felt the need to masquerade their muscles and dance overly aggressive, they were particularly fond of doing this around groups of people who didn’t want to dance and just generally exceeded at pissing off the majority of the crowd and evidently knew nothing of the sacred “Gig Etiquette” .

Stop liking what I don’t like Dubstep fans.