The best of April Fools 2011

Every year has always had it's keenly played jokes upon the unsuspecting populous of self-important media consumers, and 2011 has been no exception.  We'll start briefly with some G-mail motion, as shown below:

We became aware of this being a mere parody as the gesture was made for nocturnal creatures we get a bit slow at times.

Then we focus our un-abided attention upon youtube for yet another series of hours of procrastination.  Behold, Youtube 1911: Taking the highest trending videos back a century:

If you don't know this reference, see here.

Branson goes one step beyond an island and buys a planet.  Groupon purchases therights to April Fools Day to keep the consumer prank-free.  And the PLAYMOBIL Apple store playset hit store shelves, complete with "one more thing..."

Happy April Fools Day to all.