Wii 2 to launch in 2012

After months of speculation, Nintendo have confirmed a “2012 launch” for the next generation Wii games console. Depending on the release date, that doesn’t really give us much time to play it before the end o the world. 

It’s code named ‘Project Café’ reducing the aspirations of the hardcore audiences. But none the less the rumours show no sign of stopping; this new console will feature hardware and processors similar to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 (translation: HD) 

 The new implausible controller sports a 6.2-inch touchscreen, 2 analog sticks, 8 buttons and a camera, destroying the premise of the Wii’s family friendly image. However, this might not be the main controller, instead it may serve as a secondary operator, but no one really knows! 

We here at NRM aren’t one’s to report on speculation, either way the Wii 2 is definitely coming and only time will tell if these some what laughable rumours are true.