New Oddworld projects announced

Oddworld studios accompanied their delay of Strangers Wrath HD with three extra announcements at Gamecity Nights that got such an Oddworld fan as myself reminiscing.  Firstly, Munch's Oddysee will be receiving the PS3 treatment, the same as strangers wrath...good start.  Second, Oddboxx (a whole compilation of the four titles to this legendary series) will be coming over to the suite of consoles available to us now.  And third, and probably most interesting, the mysterious "Hand of Odd" (disappeared off the map when Munch's Oddysee was transferred to the Xbox) and released on PC/Mac/iOS and one unannounced mobile platform...Windows Mobile or Android basically.  The freemium route will be taken temporarily when this missing link is released, so if you're as much of a nerd for Oddworld as we are, I suggest keeping your ear to the ground.