PSN returns

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a gamer. I probably play games less than the other NRM writers. However, I've following the PSN hacking story and this morning got an email from Sony. 

It was all perfectly pleasant, I was told the the PSN is starting to come back, there's a few steps I need to take, and they're even giving me some free games and a month's worth of PlaystationPlus. That's nice. 

Interestingly, after reading the entire email, I felt something was lacking. Something very, very important. I looked again, but it wasn't there. I looked at the first email that Sony sent regarding this whole calamity. They explained that they'd lost my personal data and they appreciated my patience, but there was absolutely no sign of an explicit apology. You made a mistake Sony, I don't care whether it would show corporate weakness to admit you did something wrong, I expect you to say 'sorry'.