Thoughts on the end of The News of the World

The anger seems to be towards a capitalistic gain through biased, intrusive, speculative news reporting.  And the fact that other journalistic institutions are rallying against this is beyond hypocritical.  So long as news is used for profit, there will be no such thing as objective journalism, and a large amount of fact-finding missions of manipulation will continue to occur (more than we probably know about, from more organisations than Murdoch's empire).  Readers don't want straight news, as biased opinion is more entertaining and scandal exposures make profits.  

Other news organisations are as guilty of this as News International, and it's not going to go away regardless of how strongly we appear to feel against it, yet buy into the dialogue created.

Journalism should be a public service, not a business.

Jason England

P.S.  This is not me defending anything that has been exposed, or making a pass of humanity in the direction of News International.  Murdoch shouldn't turn the British Press into a monopoly.  A free press cannot exist when capitalism and business are fundamentals in the running of said press.