Tuesday Trends 26th July

Twitter trends often reflect the big news stories and this week's news has been very grim. However, because this is Twitter, you can always expect there will be a few silly, confusing and downright strange trends along the way. 

Despite all of the bleak news this week, the most popular worldwide hashtag was…#justinbieber . I've got nothing against the Biebz, but perhaps one day his legions of fans will decide that there might be more important stuff to discuss. I won't go into detail about how upsetting #1dparty (a celebration of 'One Direction') trending over almost everything was on Saturday.

#blamethemuslims is a brilliant example of irony backfiring on the internet. It was started by a muslim girl who was annoyed at the media assuming Friday's bombing in Oslo was anything to do with Muslims. As the trend got popular, many people misunderstood the satirical nature of the hashtag and were offended, some wondering why Twitter would allow the trend to continue.