Anonymous plot to take down Facebook. Remember the 5th November.

In some ways you can't help but look at this and see a benefit. In a time when everybody is speculating a skynet-esque future, the fact that we can take down sites that are, basically, large data farms of our personal information and locations...It's just a relief in ways that technology doesn't have the stranglehold on life that people say it does, that it can be taken down (even if we don't want it).

However, lets take a look into future.  What would happen if Anonymous managed to do the inconceivable and take down Facebook?  Simple answers:

  • Facebook will generate another social infrastructure and simply replace the compromised one.
  • Google+ will instantly become the largest social network on the planet.

There is always the alternative...of going back to Myspace.  Besides, we've missed saying "pc4pc."