Samsung Galaxy S II review

Adorned with the 1.2 ghz dual-core processor ensures that the phone runs at the full 60 fps and gave me a certain sense of euphoria every time I ran a benchmark and saw the results superior to others.  However, an inexpensive structure of plastic, a pitiful battery life that continually makes you worry about deactivating data connections, a form factor that seems to be counteractive to usability (regardless of how thin it is the 4.3" screen feels cumbersome), and a camera that regardless of it's 8mp stature still takes subpar photographs technically make the product inferior.  

But the issue while reviewing was more intangible.  Something felt simultaneously lacking and overpowering.  With the pre-installed software and Touchwiz interface, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 did not feel like a blank canvas that could be tailored to individual standards.

You always want to make a phone yours, not cater yourself to the phone. 6