The Devil Wears Prada: Dead Throne album review

As swiftly as attention was lost with the oh-so repeated formula in Roots above and Branches below and regained with the apocalyptic insight into what TDWP can really accomplish in Zombie EP, Dead Throne maintains an absolute synchronous ferocity with a ever-present anguish that elevates them above anything they've released previously.  Exploring the entire range of the band's repertoire: from the haunting melody ofKansas to the thorough journey through dissonance and soaring choruses of Constance,the album creates an odd presence of brutal honesty, communicated via Mike Hranica's shrill screams, along with a truly powerful force behind each of the songs that truly entices you.  The pulsations and fades at the heart of this album maintained with prime fluidity to make this the crowning piece of music artistry for the band. 9

Listen to Dead Throne here.