Samsung unveils the Galaxy S Note: a lesson technology companies need to learn

Before I start, thoughts on the S Note: it's pointless.  Nobody's used PDAs since the 90s.

Simple.  Stop making convergence devices.  The over-saturation of companies that strive to introduce that "all new category of device" is rather dire.  The technology market has become a minefield of pointless desirables.  Plus it's making journalists think there's more to a phone with a large screen and a stylus (kind of a step back) than there really is.  An intangible quality of expansion through convergence that doesn't exist the majority of the time and makes you sound pretentious...says the one who owned an iPad.

For example, a tablet device to return economical value to content through user interaction.  I don't see myself paying because there's a constricting, vertically integrated solution to the situation with an enticing interface, when the internet works horizontally.