Tuesday Trends 20th September

This week, the plight of Troy Davis has been in Twitter's trending topics very often. His implication in a murder and the reliability of the evidence that 'proved' him guilty have been widely disputed. In the week leading up to his proposed execution date twitter users have been trying to raise awareness and put together petitions to stop the execution. Nevertheless, it went ahead this morning. Today's top trend has been#RIPTROYDAVIS (one of the most retweeted examples of this hashtag came from a man who's twitter handle is 'ShaveYaPubes' which slightly dampened the sentiment).

Whilst the death penalty and the nature of justice are all being called into question by some twitter users, others are hotly anticipating the return of the TV show 'Glee' as#wewantglee has been trending today. It's also Tom Felton's birthday, which could possibly mean something to you.